DP Pensions Ltd

Our SIPP Service Standards

We are committed to providing the very best level of service that we can to our clients. For us this means that we maximise the quality of what we do and minimise the time that it takes to do it.

The table below shows our maximum turn-around times for completing the main activities that we undertake when running SIPPs. Our aim is to beat these service standards.


Service Level Notes

New Business

Issuing a SIPP application pack Same day
Producing a new business illustration Same day
Acknowledging receipt of a new SIPP Same day
Processing a new SIPP application and opening the SIPP Bank Account 5 days 1


Processing transfer-in forms 24 hours 1
Banking incoming cheques and transfers Same day

General Administration

Raising outgoing cheques and transfer instructions Same day 1,2
Providing ad hoc valuations 3 days 3
Providing ad hoc projections 3 days 3
Providing information requested 3 days
Responding to general enquiries 4 days
Dealing with technical queries 5 days

Investments, including property

Assessing viability of investment in principal 5 days 1
Instructing solicitors and lenders 4 days 1
Completing legal documents 3 days 1
Transfer of funds for purchase Same day 1,2
Responding to general enquiries 4 days
Dealing with technical queries 5 days

Member Benefits

Crystallisation of benefits and payment of lump sum 5 days 1,2
Processing of pension payroll End of the 1,2
(note: must receive instruction by the 20th of the month) month


  1. Provided correct documentation and/or information is received
  2. Provided SIPP bank account has sufficient cleared funds and instruction is received before 12pm.
  3. Provided information needed from third parties is supplied within timescales.

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